Monday, June 11, 2018

Preparation Camp

On the weekend of the British Orienteering championships, the three of us travelled to Pitlochry, Scotland to join up with the teams for EYOC and JWOC for a weekend of racing and all sorts of preparations for the upcoming international races.

The weekend began on the Friday evening when we met up with some of the team in Edinburgh to travel in minibuses to the Pitlochry FSC which would be our accomodation for the weekend.

On the Saturday we had team meetings based on the competitions we would be attending with a talk though the maps for each discipline as well as general information about the races.

After this we drove to run the British Champs held at Balmoral later that day. It was a tough and pretty hilly course made harder by the hot conditions as well as the fact that we were all aware that the main focus was now the international races in the summer. 

When we returned to the FSC we had more meetings and a quiz to test you knowledge on crossable/uncrossable features and control description symbols. I was rubbish.

The next day we have to leave early to get to the British Relay Champs held in the small but interesting area of Torphantrick. Alastair, Zac and I successfully defended our M18 trophy with Niamh running well to win bronze with her team in the women's premier.

This was the end of a weekend of prime Scottish orienteering and was the final time we would see the coaches before travelling to the summer competitions in four weeks time.

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