Thursday, July 5, 2018

In Transit

Its Thursday the 5th of July and today we travel. Veliko Tarnovo is the current location and Kekskemet is the target destination.

5.30am. We wake up and do the final packing, then head outside to get a taxi down to the bus station. 6.20am. The bus leaves. It was sweaty and uncomfortable but we got to Sofia. Good. Now for a taxi to the airport, as we drove we realied that our coinage might not cover this taxi fair so some notes had to be broken out. Fair play taxi man, fair play. Terminal 2 was now our loaction. Except the flight was from terminal 1; about 1km away. Who messed that one up, not me for sure. Another taxi was hailed, some coins played and now we are at the airport.
3 pizzas and some card games later and its time to fly. Brum brum. Budapest here we come. Budapest we are here.
We met the rest of the guys and then got into the hire cars and hit the road, the final part was upon us. And done. Hotel arrived at.
Man it is LUSH. Like I mean nice! No time for that though as we headed out on a little team jog to stretch the legs and finish a nice days travelling.

Essentially what happened there was we got from EYOC to JWOC and are now in Hungary ready to get our JWOC campaign to get underway. And I cannot wait! 

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