Friday, July 13, 2018

JWOC Middle Final

Into the bushy we go....

Today was going to be one of the hardest middles any of us had ever run. Not looking time in the green bushes was going to anyone's best chance at a good result.

After only being in Hungary's unique bushy terrain a few times I was quite nervous about the course. I knew that I did not need to race it but instead just needed to concentrate on where I was and getting the correct line through the bushes. We knew most the course was going to be in the bushes so keeping up the good navigation would be key.

Again, like yesterday I started slow and spiked number 1 which was a real confidence boost so set off to two knowing I could find it if I just slowed down and concentrated but when I got to where I thought the control should be and couldn't see it I panicked and then just lost all confidence so lost time here (I was only about 5 metres away just didn't go far enough). From here I had a couple more wobbles to the spectator run through, then all the last controls spiked and I was finished.

I finished 41st which I am quite happy with however I do know I could've done better. Alastair unfortunately was disqualified as a result of the badly taped spectator run through which even caught out multiple time JWOC champion Simona Aerbersold. Both himself and Daniel (who was running the B final) said they didn't have great runs getting caught out in the bushes aswell.

This middle was definetly an experience for everyone and one that no one will forget!

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