Tuesday, July 10, 2018

JWOC Sprint

Sprint day...or spectator day for us three. One of the conditions for running both EYOC and JWOC was that we had to miss out the Sprint at JWOC. We were all a bit annoyed that we weren't allowed to run however if we weren't to run any of the days today was the most exciting one to watch!

There was no previous map of the Sprint so everyone was working their hardest to make a map that would as accurately as possible represent the race map so they could plan courses to look at. They knew that there would be a couple of small technical sections and some artificial barriers in the way but no one had really expected the course to be as hard as it was! A combination of artifial barriers and multiple controls in a multi - level section meant it was easy for mistakes to happen if you were running too fast. Even just standing and looking at the map in the finish I found it hard to find good routes to some controls!

Matt Felbaum (former NWJS member and WCOC's biggest fan) was one of the first GB runners to set off, after watching him on the GPS tracking thrkugh the race it was clear Matt wasnt being phased by the course. We waited for him at the spectator run through and sure enough he was through in a very good time. At the finish (with the help of our cheering) sprinted across the line to come in 1st!!! However as Matt was an early start we all had a nervous wait until the last finisher!

After cheering all the other GB guys coming through, and watching on the GPS it was back to the agonising wait to see of Matt had done it. It came all the way up until the last couple of runners with Matt still in 1st. A German runner, Colin, had got a good start. However everyone seemed to be up on Matt's time at the start of the course and then Matt just flew from there. Colin unfortunately also flew and ended up just pipping Matt to the top position.

We were all however still so excited and delighted for Matt and just couldn't hold our emotions together!! It was one if the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Matt himself said it was more than he'd expected!

Myself and a couple of other GB girls then all had to run around the Sprint arena frantically trying to find flowers and leaves to make a flower crown for Matt when he was on the podium. And that was it, Matt's time was here, he was called on to the podium and I don't think GB have ever screamed so loud in their lives!! All the girls ran up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and put his flower crown on.

What an amazing day it was for everyone!

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