Saturday, July 14, 2018

JWOC Relay

Relay dayyyyy!!

The relay terrain was the complete opposite to the middle days - very open with little sections of woods.

This meant fast starts and fast finishes with plenty of time for trains to form out on the courses. All of myself, Alastair and Daniel were in the 'B' teams for GB however after a flyer of a run from Eddie Narbett (1st leg in Al and Dans team), Alastair was sent out in 4rd! Alastair only dropped a few places to finish in 10th and send Dan off. However after 7 days of hard racing over the past two weeks Dan was feeling the heat and was very tired. He unfortunately slipped a bit more down the results but still finished in a respectable position.

In the women's GB1 started strong and finished just as sting coming in 4th! This was an amazing finish to the week and left the team on such a high. My relay team didn't have as good of a start (Emma Wilson - 1st leg) but managed to climb back up the list on both 2nd (Laura King) and 3rd (Myself) legs to finish 21st out of everyone, 5th 2nd team.

In the end we were all just very glad to have finished racing, especially with the relay being the hottest day we had raced in!

After the prize giving which was an amazing feeling for the whole team, we were all ready to hit the spa and get ready for the farewell party. All dressed up in our matching outfits we had our last team talk and headed to partyyy!

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