Wednesday, July 11, 2018

JWOC Rest Day

Today was the official planned rest day, with a trip around the national park or a house show planned.

However we decided that we would like some last minute practice on some middle relevant terrain and also just a chance to relax.

So in the morning we headed back out to Keskantchu and just had a short jog around the controls in the green to refresh our memories of what was vital to use in this terrain. This was a good opportunity to also relieve any nerves we had about the next couple of races by talking with each other and the coaches.

After deciding we'd got all the knowledge we could get from that session we headed back to the hotel and straight to the spa! The rest of the afternoon was just spent relaxing in the spa and just unwinding from the last two days racing.

In the evening of course it was the England Vs. Croatia football match - the one we'd all been waiting for. The hotel had set up a massive screen outside for everyone to watch on. The atmosphere was great but unfortunately the result was not quite as we hoped.

During the match, at half time we also managed to squeeze in a team meeting for tomorrow's race - of course.

All prepped and ready for tomorrow's race we headed to bed hoping our results would be better than the football's!

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