Sunday, July 8, 2018

JWOC Training

For me these training days were a process of reaquainting myself with the terrains that I visited last summer on the Pre-JWOC camp but for Dan and Niamh it was a whole new experience. The terrain in Hungary is almost the complete opposite of what we just competed in whilst in Bulgaria. It is flat and sandy and very very bushy. In fact it is the bushes, more specifically the large patches of juniper bushes that pose the biggest challenge.

At first glance these areas just look like a green mess on a bit of paper, and to be honest the reality isn't much better. However after a few times running in the unique terrain we had worked out a few strategies to best navigate in them.
Tall trees are good to look for and you had to almost navigate as if it was a maze, looking for the patches of yellow which were passable and avoiding green at all costs.

After the past few days spent in the training areas I feel much more confident for the races coming up. On Monday we have the long, then on Thursday it is middle qualifier, followed by middle final on Friday and then the relay on Saturday. And we cannot wait, bring on the races!!

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